Quick Position Plot

The following tip has come from Steve Freedman who learnt it on a course from David Moore.

The Position Webs item at http://www.sailtrain.co.uk/skippers_tips/2003.01_19.shtml    reminded me of a similar dodge someone showed me shortly before my Coastal Skipper exam a couple of years ago.

Make a scale ruler for the chart in use (with the Small Craft editions for the Yeoman plotter it'll fit several) graduated in cables or whatever units seem appropriate.  Set the centre of a convenient compass rose as a waypoint.  (The Lat. and Long. are conveniently printed on the chart).  Its then the work of a moment to plot position by distance and bearing to the waypoint.   Remember to extend the ruler below zero to the radius of the comapss rose - THAT\'s where you read off the bearing!

...or perhaps you knew that already!

(by the way - I used in in the exam, and passed!)

Steve Freedman

Thanks for the tip Steve. Some older plotters have chart scale graduation instead of inches or centimetres, if this matches the chart in use the same approach can be used.

Clive Mason.



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