Person overboard drill 2.

If it is necessary to lift a person from the water using a halyard, the loop of rope around them must be fairly tight to the body to prevent them slipping out.

One approach to this is to use a figure of 8 knot about a metre and a half from the end of the rope, then pass the rope around your body and tie a double fisherman's knot around the rope above the figure of eight.

Figure 8 knot.

This will give you a loop that is adjustable but will not pull tight and crush the casualty. The loop can then be open up so it is easy to pass around the casualty, then tightened under their armpits.

Figure 8 and fisherman's knot.

Unfortunately you will need to practice this so that it can be tied in seconds without fumbling, or you could have a ready made up loop kept especially for this task.

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