Rough weather food 1.

An old idea is to have thermos flasks of hot water or soup ready for passages when you expect conditions to be too difficult for easy catering.

The value of this was recently brought home to me on a cruise round the Channel Islands.

Conditions had been fairly quiet, with about force 3 winds, until we approached Cap de la Hague, when the sea was far more confused that I had expected. The result was that on the top of a sudden haystack wave, the soup I was heating on the stove managed to leave the saucepan without touching the edges!

Everything in the galley, including me and the deck head was covered in soup, fortunately I had waterproofs on.

The next day on the trip back across the Channel in much windier conditions, we used the unbreakable metal thermos flasks and catering was very easy with the extra benefit that little time needed to be spent below.

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