Rule 34

A vessel turning to starboard can signal its intentions by sounding one short blast (about 1 second).

A vessel turning to port can signal its intentions by sounding two short blasts.

(Blast 2 short, I'm turning to port).

Three short blasts indicate that a vessels engines are going astern, she may be reversing or slowing down.

(3 in turn, power astern).

If a ship is unhappy that you are keeping sufficiently clear, she will sound five or more short blasts.

(quick blast 5, to stay alive).

In a narrow channel, a ship may sound two long followed by two short blasts, if she needs you to move over to allow her to pass on your port side.

If you do not agree to make room, you could sound 5 short blasts. Signifying that there is insufficient space.

If she wishes to pass on your starboard side she will sound two long and one short blasts.

If you agree to give the vessel room you could sound, one long, one short, one long, then one short blast. Signifying YES.

When approaching a blind bend a vessel may sound one long blast (4 to 6 seconds) as a warning to any vessels round the corner.

(1 long blast, clear the path)

Any vessels around the corner should reply with their own prolonged blast.

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