Rule 30

Vessels at anchor display a black ball. If this is not displayed it is possible to think that a vessel is underway, which could lead to a collision. This is especially likely when there is a strong tide running, giving the impression of a bow wave!
Vessels aground display three black balls in a vertical line.
A vessel of less than 50m only shows an all round white light where it can best be seen. This should be done even in a quiet anchorage, vessels may enter later, in the dark!
Ships over 50m long display two anchorlights. These are all round lights-not the masthead lights used when underway! The forward one is also higher than the after one.
A large ship, greater than 100m in length will also use it's decklights. This can cause confusion, as it may look like you are close to illuminated buildings ashore when entering an anchorage.
Seen from the side, vessels under 100m just show their all round white lights.
At night a vessel over 100m long will be well lit by deck lights. If there are several vessels anchored in the same area, this can look like a town!
Vessels aground show their anchor lights. They also show the lights for a vessel not under command. They can be though of as not under command and at anchor!

Vessels aground display three black balls in the day time. This can be related to the ball shown when at anchor (they are attached to the bottom), plus the two balls displayed by a vessel not under command (See Rule 27).

At night they display two red lights for a vessel not under command and their anchor lights.

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