Rule 27

Vessels not under command display two black balls, vertically. (KNOWN AS A BALLS UP!)
If a vessel not under command is not making way, it will not show side or stern lights. (RED OVER RED-THIS SHIP IS DEAD)
If a vessel not under command is making way, it will show side and stern lights. There is no indication of length, because no masthead lights are shown.
Vessels restricted in ability to manoeuvre display a ball diamond ball shape.
A vessel towing may display a red, white, red sequence of lights to indicate that it is restricted in ability to manoeuvre, in addition to the lights for a vessel of it size.
Vessels engaged in underwater operations, where there is a hazard (such as anchor cables or cranes) to one side, that side is marked by two black balls. The safe side has two diamond shapes. (Diamonds are a girl's best friend)
At night a vessel engaged in underwater operations, shows a red, white and red light light in a vertical line. The safe side is indicated by two all round green lights, the dangerous side by two all round red lights.
If the vessel is making way, it will show masthead and side lights as well.

'A' flag.

A vessel with divers down should show an international code flag 'A'. In most cases this will be a large representation of an 'A' flag painted on plywood, this can be seen even if there is no wind.

If the vessel is large enough it could also show the signals for a vessel engaged in underwater operations.

Minesweepers display three black balls in a triangle shape.
At night a minesweeper shows three green lights in a triangle. This pattern mirrors the day signal of three balls in a trangle.

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