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UK Leisure Charts

Admiralty Leisure Folio 5600 - the Solent & Approaches: SC5600

Sc2451 Newhaven to Dover and Cap D'anif (ADMIRALTY LEISURE)

Sc0883 Isles of Scilly Saint Mary's (ADMIRALTY LEISURE CHART)


Sc0028 Salcombe Harbour (ADMIRALTY LEISURE CHART)

Admiralty Leisure Folio: SC5602: The West Country (Falmouth to Teignmouth)

Admiralty Leisure Folio 5604: SC5604: The Channel Islands (Admiralty Leisure Folios)

The Firth of Clyde: SC5610 (Admiralty Leisure Folios)

Admiralty Leisure Folio 5611: SC5611: West Coast of Scotland, Mull of Kyntyre to Point of Ardnamurchan (Admiralty Leisure Folios)

Imray Chart 2100.5: North Foreland to Dover

Admiralty Leisure Folio Sc5614 - Orford Ness to Whitby: SC5614

The West Country (Falmouth to Teignmouth): Admiralty Leisure Folio 5602

Thames Estuary, Essex and Suffolk Coast: SC5607 (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Admiralty Leisure Folio - SC5603 Falmouth to Padstow: SC5603

Chichester to Ramsgate Leisure Folio: SC5605 (Admiralty Leisure Foilo)

North West Wales (Admiralty Leisure Folios)

Bristol Channel (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Sc1536 Approaches to Great Yarmouth (ADMIRALTY CHART)

Sc0883 Isles of Scilly Saint Mary's (ADMIRALTY LEISURE CHART)


Admiralty Leisure Folio: SC5621: Ireland East Coast

Admiralty Leisure Folio 5622: Ireland South Coast

Ireland South West Coast (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Northern Ireland (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Non UK Charts

Croatia: Zakar to Dubrovnik: SC5767 (Admiralty Leisure Folios)

North East Aegean (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

South East Aegean (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Sombrero Island to Montserrat (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Imray Chart C233: Virgin Islands (Imray Chart A233)

Antigua to Martinique and Barbados (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

5643 St Lucia to Grenada (Admiralty Leisure Folio)

Tough Charts

Admiralty Tough Charts
Are water proof and spiral bound for use on small craft where space is at a premium.

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